Respawn confirms it’s not working on a new ‘Titanfall’ game

But the series remains “near and dear” to the company

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the company isn’t working on a new game in the Titanfall franchise, which takes place in the same universe as its hit battle royale title, Apex Legends.

The company’s co-founder Vince Zampella told IGN that “there’s nothing currently in development” for the series. However, he added that he would “personally like to see some kind of resurrection there. We’ll see if I can make that happen”.

In a separate statement on Repsawn’s official website for the company’s 10th anniversary, Zampella also noted that the Titanfall franchise remains “near and dear to everyone here at Respawn, as it’s the franchise that really helped put the studio on the map and show the world the caliber of games that we want to make”.


Zampella’s comment on Titanfall runs in contrast with a statement he made last year on Twitter, where he noted that Repawn was “working on more Titanfall for later in [2019]”.

However, no news regarding the franchise had been released until recently.

The original Titanfall game launched in 2014 for PC and the Xbox One. A sequel arrived two years later and was released on the same platforms, plus a PlayStation 4 version. A real-time strategy mobile game titled Titanfall: Assault came out in August 2017, but servers for the game were shut down a year later.

Repsawn is currently working on Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, a VR first-person shooter for the Oculus Rift. The game, which is expected out sometime this year, will be the first Medal Of Honor title since 2012’s Warfighter.

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