Respawn updates ‘Apex Legends’ to defend players against DDoS attacks

"This change will cause the results from matches to be entirely voided"

Respawn Entertainment announced that a new update for Apex Legends aims to tackle DDoS attacks in the game.

The update was announced in a recent twitter post, in which Respawn outlined what will happen upon detection of a DDoS attack. They said: “Now, when we detect an attack, all players will be booted from the game and granted loss forgiveness. The idea is to deny advantages to attackers and protect victims of those attacks from RP losses.”


DDoS (Dedicated Denial of Service) attacks are a type of cyber-attack which intends to make a users internet connection drop out. In the case of Apex Legends this means that players try and use DDoS attacks to force other players out of the game, and thus make them lose any in-match rewards and progress.

Respawn Entertainment said that this new system to prevent such attacks can completely change any match results that it applies to. They said: “In some cases, this change will cause the results from matches to be entirely voided: No stats tracked, RP gained or loss, etc.”

“More updates to deal with these sorts of attacks are on the way.”

They were also asked if the DDoS situation in Titanfall, another Respawn online shooter, was going to be addressed. Respawn responded by saying that they are running “parallel efforts” in terms of these attacks across all their games.

In other relevant news, it was revealed that Apex Legends players who prematurely quit Arena matches will be punished with a 10 minute ban. The update was launched on May 24, and includes a warning for players who are about to leave an Arena match, outlining the punishment.


Also included with that patch were several bug fixes for Arena’s, including a fixed exploit that allowed users to unlock upgrades without having enough materials to do so.