Respawn will address ‘Apex Legends” expanding weapon pool

"We got stuff in mind. We know we can’t keep releasing weapons without considering the health of the loot pool"

Respawn Entertainment has addressed Apex Legends‘ expanding weapon pool system, saying it “has stuff in mind.”

As reported by Eurogamer, on November 13 an Apex Legends player tweeted at the developer demanding that the studio “remove weapons for god’s sake… nobody cares about P20, Bocek or 3030 and actually helps with the loot pool distribution.”

John Larson, Associate Live Balance Designer on Apex Legends, responded saying: “You take that back. I care about the Bocek. We got stuff in mind. We know we can’t keep releasing weapons without considering the health of the loot pool.”


Another player also commented suggesting that the studio allows players to land with a P20 already equipped when starting a game of Apex Legends, and remove it from the loot pool.

To this, Larson said: “This was a hot topic when we were implementing starter kits. I was against it because of how quickly a coordinated team could wipe a solo on a contested drop. It’s already a common strat in high-level ranked. The initial gun scramble buys some time for everyone to react.”

It seems that the developer is taking player criticism into consideration, meaning players might receive some weapon loot updates in the future, although nothing is confirmed.

Apex Legends Season 11 launched on November 2 and saw the introduction of a new tropical map called Storm Point, as well as a new Gravity Cannons, and a new character, Ash.

Since Season 11, it looks like the new Gravity Cannons have been causing havoc for players. The new set-piece seemed to exploit the verticality of the map, causing players to be launched up at high speeds and across the map when triggered.


Elsewhere, Halo Infinite multiplayer designer Patrick Wren has joined Respawn Entertainment to work on a new Star Wars game. Wren said he was “excited to be back on Star Wars and work with this incredible team.”

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