‘Returnal’ 2.0 update adds saves and photo mode

You can Returnal to real life

Returnal , the PlayStation 5 exclusive roguelike, now allows players to save and quit their game mid-cycle, as well as adding a photo mode.

Players of the third-person shooter were initially disappointed when it released back in April to discover there was no way to close your game partway through a run without losing all progress on it. However, Finnish developers Housemarque have listened to fans and added in the ability to suspend your game even during a cycle.

A YouTube video on PlayStation’s official channel shows off two new features which will be introduced with the 2.0 update. The first feature showcased is the new photo mode which, among other features, allows players to adapt the colour, lighting and contrast of their screenshots.


The second and most highly anticipated feature will now allow players to select ‘Suspend Cycle’ after which the following message appears:

“Cycle Suspended – The current cycle has been saved and is now suspended. Returnal can now safely be closed from this screen.”

Players will also be able to delete the save point and continue their game by holding the circle button. Returnal initially lacked a save feature as, like many roguelikes, the developers wanted players to complete cycles without retrying.

The addition of a suspend point is a welcome addition to players who do not have the time to complete a cycle in one sitting.


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