‘Returnal’ developer wants to incorporate cut ideas into its next game

It's all a cycle

Senior narrative designer at Housemarque, Eevi Korhonen, has stated that the studio intends to put ideas that were left out of its most recent game Returnal into its next project. 

This comes from a VGC interview, with Korhonen saying: “Returnal was so ambitious. We dreamt super big, but we still had to leave so much on the cutting room floor. All of these ideas and narrative systems.”

Returnal. Credit: Housemarque


Korhonen then mentions being “super excited to pick up those pieces and see how those fit our new IP story.” Housemarque’s CEO and co-founder, Ilari Kuittinen, stated earlier this year in an interview with VentureBeat that the team was working on a new IP, although the developer is still “concepting it out.”

Housemarque was acquired by Sony in June 2021, becoming a PlayStation first-party studio following the release of Returnal. Prior to the purchase, Housemarque already had a strong lineage on PlayStation, with titles such as Super Stardust HD, Resogun, and Matterfall all releasing exclusively for PlayStation hardware.

Returnal was one of the first titles to release exclusively for PlayStation 5, and was met with a positive critical reception. The title also got nominated for numerous notable awards and won several, including Best Action Game at 2021’s The Game Awards, and Best Game at the 18th British Academy Games Awards.

NME awarded the game a spectacular five out of five-star rating: “Part old-school arcade shoot ’em up, part Hideo Kojima-esque narrative opus, Returnal is a bizarre, ambitious and utterly enthralling ride. While its brutally unforgiving nature means Returnal might not make the roguelike truly mainstream, it’s still an utterly alluring and essential gaming experience.”

In other news, Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth has been announced as the second part of the Remake trilogy, and is slated to release on PlayStation 5 winter 2023.