‘Returnal’ PC release seemingly revealed by Steam listing

The Steam database includes mentions of the Tower of Sisyphus

Housemarque‘s PS5 exclusive title Returnal could be coming to PC according to a new Steam database listing.

As reported by VGC, SteamDB logged a new product in its database with the codename “Oregon.”

The product also has tags listed such as “rogue-like”, “sci-fi”, and “bullet hell,” as well as the mention of the Tower of Sisyphus and Atropos, which both feature in Returnal.


There are even more files that point toward the product being Returnal, as there are mentions of a female protagonist, singleplayer, co-operative, daily challenges, exploring, boss fights, a photo mode, “returning”, and “About to Die”. Each of these tags in some way or another link to the roguelike title.

Returnal. Credit: Housemarque

At this time, Housemarque hasn’t announced a PC version of Returnal, but it’s likely that the new logged product could be the sci-fi game. Returnal launched in April 2021 but it was never specified if it would be a timed PlayStation exclusive.

This year, the developer added a new co-op mode to the game’s campaign, as well as the previously mentioned Tower of Sisyphus, which is an endless mod that allows players to progress through increasingly difficult levels in the tower to challenge themselves, as well as set high scores for others players to beat.

Last year, Sony created a PlayStation PC label for its PC game releases. Right now, titles such as Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn are available on Steam, while games such as the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will arrive sometime later this year.

In other news, Sony plans to release two new live service games by March 2023, with a third one being MLB The Show 2022, which released this April on multiple platforms.

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