‘Revenant Hill’ is a new game from ‘Night in the Woods’ developers

The Glory Society is a new studio from the co-creators of 'Night in the Woods'

Night in the Woods co-creators Bethany Hockenberry and Scott Benson have announced their game Revenant Hill.

Revenant Hill is the first project from Hockenberry and Benson’s new studio The Glory Society and was unveiled during the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase last night (May 24).

The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 looks quite similar to the 2017’s Night in the Woods while the game’s cat protagonist — Twigs — also looks a lot like Mae. The announcement trailer can be viewed below:


A new PlayStation blog post offers more details, including a plot description: “The year is 1919. After the barn he was living in burns down, Twigs the cat takes up residence in a wet log near an abandoned graveyard. When the owl from the next hill over starts demanding rent, Twigs must find a way to make ends meet, and things just get more complicated from there.”

Players will be able to grow crops to sell at the secret market or use for their own purposes, watch the seasons pass, make friends with other characters who will eventually become like family, and even make enemies. Twigs can also host “increasingly ambitious parties for witches and demons” as they get “tangled up in a world in the midst of violent change.”

One of the main features will find the player eventually working their way up the ladder towards their dream job of being “a fully licensed familiar”.

The Glory Society is a small team of both seasoned and new game developers. Hockenberry and Benson are working as writers and narrative designers on Revenant Hill, while Benson doubles as the creative director and Hockenberry, a researcher.

An official release date has yet to be confirmed.


In other gaming news, Remedy Entertainment has announced that its single-player psychological survival horror game Alan Wake 2 will launch on October 17.

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