Riot Games details changes to ‘Valorant’ ranked mode in Act 3

There’ll be lower skill disparity between players moving forward

Riot Games has released a new Dev Diaries episode for Valorant, which details the major changes coming to the game’s ranked mode.

The most notable update to competitive play is the change to rank variation, which has been decreased from six to three tiers. This means that players can only be matched with players who are within three tiers of their current rank. For example, the highest a Diamond 3 can queue with is an Immortal 3 while the lowest will be a Platinum 3.

In addition, the rank movements for those in Immortal tier and above will “purely” be impacted by wins or loses and “how decisive the match outcome was”, David Cole, the design lead for Valorant‘s competitive mode, said in the video.


Players will also be allowed to choose their preferred server, although the developer cautioned that it “can’t fully guarantee you’ll always get the server you want, due to Matchmaking reasons”. However, Riot noted that “this feature will notably increase the chance to get your preferred game server and either stabilize or help improve your ping”.

Watch the Dev Diaries episode below.

In the clip, Cole also stated that new features, such as public region-based leader board and a restriction for queue sizes for higher racks, are in the works for Episode 2, which is due out sometime next year.

Act 3 of Valorant is set to launch next week on October 13. Meanwhile, the competitive matchmaking for Act 3 is set to kick off on October 27, according to the official Valorant website.


Last month, Riot Games released patch 1.09 for Valorant, which finally changed up the game’s Operator sniper rifle, alongside various nerfs and buffs for agents such as Omen, Jett and Viper.

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