Riot Games teases new ‘Valorant’ map ahead of Act 3 launch

Get ready to take on the frozen landscape of Icebox

Riot Games has unveiled a new teaser for the latest Valorant map, ahead of its Act 3 launch next week.

Called Icebox, the new location brings players to an industrial zone set on a snowy tundra. The trailer showcases a large outdoor area, filled with shipping containers and long sightlines, alongside an office space with tighter angles and narrow corridors.

Other features of note in the trailer include a giant battleship, plus a multi-level building that appears to have at least one traversable zip-line. Icebox will be the fifth addition to the game’s current maps Ascent, Bind, Haven and Split.


Watch the trailer exploring Icebox below.

Riot Games had previously noted that new maps would only be added to the game every episode, which occurs in six-month intervals. The current episode is only scheduled to end with the conclusion of the upcoming Act 3, but the map’s release was pushed forward due to community feedback.

“This map was originally going to come out in Episode 2 as planned, but many of us on the project felt it was worth buckling down hard and getting it finished to release it early,” noted Riot Game’s Altombre on Reddit. “My role in that process as a researcher was understanding how players felt about it, and when it was clear to us how badly y’all wanted a fifth map, it was easy for us to get this schedule upheaval prioritised.”

Earlier this week, the developer detailed changes coming to Valorant’s ranked mode in the new Act. The most notable is the change to rank variation, which has been decreased from six to three tiers, which means that players can only be matched with players who are within three tiers of their current rank.


Act 3 of Valorant is also set to introduce a new agent – the 13th overall – although official details have yet been revealed. During Act 2, the developer introduced Killjoy, the game’s first German agent who featured a skillset based around robots.

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