Riot shares preview for ‘League Of Legends’ patch 11.18

Mundo heals where he pleases

Riot Games has shared a preview for patch 11.18 for League Of Legends, which will be the first half of an update that sets the stage for Worlds.

Jeevun Sidhu, Lead Game Designer for League Of Legends, has shared a first look at what patch 11.18 will change in the game. This patch is significant to fans, as it will largely decide what sort of shape the meta of Worlds 2021 takes.


While the patch preview is brief on details, it provides a comprehensive look at what champions, skills and runes will be changed in the update.

Patch 11.18 will bring significant changes to Soraka and Mundo, two healing-based champions. The changes aim to “increase performance when GW [grevious wounds] is applied to them, and slightly reduce it otherwise”. For Soraka, this means her ult will clear grievous wounds from any ally suffering from the status before applying the heal, meaning her team will get the full effect from her global heal.

For Mundo, his ultimate ability has been changed so that while it’s significantly weaker at earlier levels, it ends up being stronger later in the game.

Although the update will also buff the Predator rune and Umbral Glaive item, the rest of patch 11.18 focuses on nerfing or buffing a wide amount of champions. This includes nerfs to some pro-play favourites like Lee Sin and Renekton and other competitive staples such as Jayce and Kalista.

On the other hand, many more champions are being buffed instead of nerfed. This includes buffs to a variety of champions in the jungle. However, it’s worth noting that Talon and Zed – typically mid laners – are being handed some jungle-specific improvements. Other junglers to receive buffs include Qiyana and Lilia.


Also appearing on the buff list is Gangplank – a top laner that has had a difficult time in casual play despite recently being pick-ban status when Mad Lions defeated Fnatic in the LEC finals on Sunday (August 29).

There are a host of other changes for other champions. However, fans can likely expect further details on the patch in the coming weeks. The final changes for Worlds will be made with patch 11.19, which will likely build and polish changes made in 11.18.

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