‘Risk of Rain 2’ is getting a challenging endless wave mode

Enter the simulation

The upcoming expansion for Risk of Rain 2, Survivors Of The Void, will be getting an endless mode called Simulacrum.

The new mode coming to Risk of Rain 2 will be an endless wave-based mode, and takes place inside a computer simulation. The lore of the game states that the simulation is so that players can assess the threat of some of the game’s locations. Essentially this just means that all the locations players will have seen before have that new endless take on them. Hopoo Games said they are places you know, “yet somehow… different.”

Similarly to how the difficulty increases over time in the base version of Risk of Rain 2, the waves of enemies will get tougher and tougher. A tricky boss will spawn every five waves, but thankfully the mode can also be played in co-op, so you can gather some friends together to take them down. Occasionally waves will have mutators making the battle a bit more of a challenge, but taking one of them down will let you choose from three items in a Void Potential.


Hopoo Games also showed off the new mode in Risk of Rain 2 in 15 minutes of new gameplay, and also demoed the new Void Fiend class. The Void Fiend is a class that is unique in that it has two forms, controlled form and corrupted form. There’s a meter that fills called corruption, which increases from taking damage, and also gradually over time. At 100%, the Void Fiend transforms into corrupted form, and will overall increase its offensive abilities.

Last month Hopoo Games showed off the other class coming as part of the new expansion, the Railgunner.

Risk of Rain 2 Survivors of the Void launches March 1.

In other news, Gabe Newell recently spoke about his thoughts on the metaverse and NFTs.

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