‘Roblox’ “BLACKPINK The Palace” will let fans host BLACKPINK-themed parties in the game

"Experience everything BLACKPINK beyond the constraints of time and space"

BLACKPINK The Palace is a new immersive experience for fans of the K-pop girl group built inside Roblox.

Karta is the metaverse developer behind BLACKPINK The Palace, and it has previously brought immersive experiences for Amazon Music and Unilever into being in Roblox. The palace is not a limited time event either and will benefit from brand new content releases throughout the year.

“Inside the palace, fans can meet, socialise, and enjoy content from the band, visit various spaces designed around BLACKPINK’s iconic music video scenes, and enjoy some of the artists’ favourite things – from digital fashion to signature choreography,” the press release reads.


There are even caves below the palace which are a source of crystals that can be harvested with a BLACKPINK lightstick-shaped hammer to power in-experience items.

‘BLACKPINK The Palace’ in ‘Roblox’ Credit: YG PLUS, Roblox Corporation

YG PLUS and Karta were keen to emphasise how Roblox players are now able to host authentic BLACKPINK-themed parties in the game with the new items at any time they like.

“We look forward to welcoming fans from all over the world to a beautiful virtual palace where they can party, connect, and experience everything BLACKPINK beyond the constraints of time and space,” YG PLUS’ head of IPX division, Hyojung Lee, said. “Fans will be surprised to see and have an opportunity to take selfies with avatars of all four members of BLACKPINK – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.”

Roblox players who step into BLACKPINK The Palace in the first 24 hours of its launch on August 25 will be gifted a special badge that can be shown off on their profiles. Furthermore, all players will have the chance to dress up in iconic outfits from years gone by and practice BLACKPINK choreography together.

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