‘Roblox’ introduces age verification as an opt-in service

Age verification will be required for the platform's upcoming voice chat system

Roblox Corporation is rolling out a new age verification system for its game creation platform Roblox, starting today (September 21).

The massively popular game platform has nearly 200million users each month, with nearly 50 per cent of them over the age of 13 as of Q2 2021, according to a new official post from the company.

In light of the continuous expansion of the community, senior product manager Chris Aston Chen wrote, “We want to make sure that everyone can express themselves in a safe and respectful way. Being confident in a user’s age and identity is a critical foundation for metaverse safety and civility. We are developing new and innovative ways to do so while always respecting users’ privacy.”


The age verification is an opt-in service being rolled out gradually to all users, meaning not everyone will have the option immediately. The service is designed to allow for age-appropriate communication, as part of Roblox‘s new voice chat system, Spatial Voice, which will available in early access only to users who are verified as being at least 13 years old.

The new system also provides new workflows and features for developers and creators. As well as ensuring experiences are age-appropriate, developers and creators can use Identity Verification when looking for collaborators on the Roblox platform. Having a verified status means the community will know that a developer or creator is who they say they are.

Age Verification requires an ID document check, matched with a selfie that is checked with “liveness” (so that it’s not just a capture of a static image) and “likeness”.

Roblox. Credit: Roblox Corporation

“Age Verification marks a big milestone in our long-term vision of building a trusted, fun, and civil platform for everyone,” Chen continued. “As part of that vision, we will continue to work on seamless ways to verify a user’s age, always respecting a user’s privacy.”


“Over time, we’ll continue to introduce new and innovative ways for users to easily and securely maintain and protect their identity on the Roblox platform, unlock new and immersive social capabilities, and build and enjoy amazing experiences together.”

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