‘Rocket League’ is adding 2v2 tournaments next season

Buddy up for a kick about

Psyonix’s football with cars, Rocket League, is receiving new 2v2 tournaments in season 4. The season will begin on August 11.

2v2 tournaments will enter Rocket League when Season 4 begins. They will function the same as the pre-existing 3v3 tournaments. All players need to do is join a competitive tournament alone or with a friend, and they will be entered into a 32 team bracket.

To accommodate the extra tournaments without removing any from the daily roster, competitive tournaments are being expanded to include more tournaments in each region. Psyonix will be adding between eight and 13 tournaments per week in every region.


With the additional tournament space, Extra Mode tournaments will also be included. The featured mode will change every day and include rumble, hoops, snow day, and dropshot.

Players will be matched based on their tournament rank for these modes, but the result will not affect tournament rank. However, players will still receive tournament credits and tournament winner titles from the Extra Mode tournaments. Psyonix will be keeping an eye on the impact of these changes and will adjust schedules if necessary.

A new user interface is being added to help players manage their tournament performance. Players will now be able to view their tournament history, how they place, and the rank of the tournaments they are participating in.

As season 3 of Rocket League is now winding down, players who still need to complete their Rocket Pass will be assisted by double XP, running from now until August 9.

Rocket League season 4, and the 2v2 tournaments, will be available on August 11 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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