‘Rocket League’ Season 6 revealed with a new map and more

The update adds a comic book inspired variant of a favourite arena

Rocket League Season 6 will begin on Wednesday (March 9) and it focuses on putting an animated spin on things.

The latest season of the vehicular football game will feature a new arena variant, amongst other things. The new arena is a comic book inspired variant on Neo Tokyo which was added back in 2016. The cyberpunk-inspired stadium now offers a distinctly more animated experience.

In addition to the revamped arena, there will also be a new Limited Time Event which features an equally new Limited Time Mode. Psyonix has yet to release details on what is involved there though.


For now, players can be entertained by the new arena variant and a new Rocket Pass for season 6. The Pass offers the new Nomad car, as well as items such as Nomster Wheels, Decals, Goal Explosion, and more.

Rocket League Season 6.
Rocket League Season 6. Credit: Psyonix.

As is customary, the change of seasons also means that Season 5 competitive rewards will be distributed shortly. These were some fairly spectacular Goal Explosions.

To prepare for the launch of season six, there will be an update to Rocket League on March 9 at 12AM UK time. The new season will then go live later that day. Previously, season 5 of Rocket League began on November 17. It offered new cars, as well as a whole new arena.

In recent times, the game has also partnered with artist Grimes with its Neon Nights event. The event featured new challenges, Grimes themed items and songs. It also heralded the return of the limited time Heatseeker Ricochet.

Elsewhere in gaming, Gamesbeat’s Jeff Grubb has suggested that the Perfect Dark reboot could finally be exhibited at Microsoft’s E3 2022 event later this year.


Also, Fall Guys has gained an Astro Bot costume as well as the ability to dress up as a T-Rex.

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