Royal Court DLC for ‘Crusader Kings 3’ will let players formally beg for help

If you ask nicely, your liege might just help you out

A new dev diary for Crusader Kings 3 has outlined how players will soon be able to approach their liege for assistance.

As part of the upcoming Royal Court expansion, players of the grand strategy game will be able to approach their rulers and ask for their help on a number of issues.

The recent Crusader Kings 3 dev blog (spotted by PcGamesN) outlines that once every five years, anyone who exists as a subject to a bigger ruler (e.g. a king, queen or emperor) can petition them for help. Screenshots in the dev blog show that there are a variety of issues that can be petitioned – including help settling a debt, requesting a title or council position, dismantling a powerful faction, or assistance in enforcing peace across the realm.


The developers add that this new feature “will allow you to ask for things directly without resorting immediately to war, which will remain a last resort when you need to topple a king whose tolerance of border-gore clearly proves their illegitimacy”.

While your liege can outright reject these petitions, they can also ask for something in return, for example payment in gold.

A second new feature will allow players – if they are feudal or clan vassals – to spend prestige to ‘pay homage’ to their leader. This can only be done once per liege, and if successful rewards a small amount of renown. There’s still room to mess up though, as “there is a great deal of pressure for such an important event to go well, and not all lords and ladies are made for public speaking”.

While still in development, the Royal Court expansion for Crusader Kings 3 does not currently have a release date.


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