Rumours suggest that Sony will be holding a post-E3 show

The publisher opted out of E3 this year

According to an insider, Sony is planning a post-E3 conference in a few week’s time.

This comes from a poster on ResetEra, an industry and fan-focused gaming forum, where developers, journalists and industry insiders often share upcoming information

As reported by Comicbook an insider, who goes by the name Navtra, claimed that Sony is set to reveal their plans for an upcoming presentation, which will see the publisher reveal more titles coming to PS4 and PS5 in the future.


According to Navtra, fans who have been disappointed by Sony’s absence from E3 should “just wait a couple more weeks” for an announcement. No details were given on what people could expect from the show, as Sony has recently pushed back God Of War: Ragnarok to 2022.

A separate leaker also claimed that the rumoured Sony PlayStation show is where details and footage of an enhanced next-gen port of Grand Theft Auto V would be revealed. The leaker, who goes by QuimSix, said that they were not 100% sure, however it was noted that last year’s Sony event was where the port was originally revealed (thanks GamingBible).

Sony revealed new gameplay footage of Horizon Forbidden West during a State of Play showcase video a few weeks ago (May 27). The game was first announced for the PS5 but has since been confirmed as across platform title.

In other news, last year’s Cyberpunk 2077 is once again visible on the PS5 store following its removal last year after customer complaints, but it currently cannot be purchased.

Customers are able to wishlist the game or re-download the digital version if they have already purchased it, but they are currently unable to buy it if it wasn’t already owned on that account.