‘Rune Factory 5’ is coming to PC this summer

An early listing on Steam may have spoiled the surprise for RPG fans

After launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, a behind-the-scenes update to Steam suggests that Rune Factory 5 is coming to PC.

Yesterday (May 19), an update listed on SteamDB shows that a store page for Rune Factory 5 has been created for Steam, though the page is not yet visible on the storefront.

Along with the title, the SteamDB entry claims that the game will be launched for Steam on July 13.


While Rune Factory 5 launched for Nintendo Switch on March 22, the game is yet to launch on any other platform. If it comes to PC, the game will join Rune Factory 4 – which was brought to PC last year.

Rune Factory 5. Credit: Hakama, Xseed Games.
Rune Factory 5. Credit: Hakama, Xseed Games.

As to what fans can expect from the game, Nintendo’s page shares the following:

“As the newest ranger for the peacekeeping organization, Seed, protect the frontier town by rounding up rowdy monsters with your official Seed-issued spell seal. When not on a mission, work with the people of Rigbarth to help the town flourish through farming, festivals, and friendships!”

Back in March, NME reviewed Rune Factory 5 and awarded it four stars out of five. Describing it as “an engaging, cosy sim game with meaty RPG hooks,” we praised much of the game’s content but found significant issues with performance on the Nintendo Switch.


“Transitioning to fully 3D graphics with a free-roaming camera is a natural evolution, but unfortunately, that comes with the consequences of bad framerates and long load times,” said our review.

It’s possible that if developer Marvelous does bring the game to PC, it will see a significant performance boost, as the Nintendo Switch’s hardware doesn’t have as much power as most modern gaming PCs.

As it stands, Marvelous has not commented on a potential PC port just yet. Sources familiar with the matter have confirmed to NME that the leak is legitimate.

In other gaming news, a current-gen upgrade for The Witcher 3 is set to release toward the end of 2022.

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