‘RuneScape’ bids farewell to Duel Arena and introduces Het’s Oasis

Players will be tasked with rebuilding the arena themselves

Jagex has announced that after 18 years of being the PvP battlefield, Duel Arena will be leaving RuneScape and a new area will be added.

RuneScape is set to introduce Het’s Oasis, with an all-new landscape, new skilling methods, and two new mini-quests to experience.

Kicking off today with the Oasis Restoration, players will be tasked with the transformation of the Duel Arena following a cataclysmic earthquake that has destroyed the area. Players will need to work together to turn the ruins of the arena from “a bloodthirsty fighting pit, where heroes have long staked their wealth in one-on-one matches, to a tranquil oasis.”


Players will rebuild the area and take on daily tasks which will earn them rewards based on their progress. Those who take part in the community event will receive exclusive event rewards, such as a new crocodile pet, title, desert-themed cosmetic armour, and ‘Gators’ footwear.

After the two-week community event, the rebuilt area will be called Het’s Oasis – an area of learning and exploration with new skill-related content for those looking to boost their Agility, Hunter and Farming skills.

“Heroes will also assist the God of Death in two Eye of Het mini-quests as they delve into Het’s Tomb in search of a powerful object that will aid the young gods as part of the Elder God Wars saga,” the press release reads.

Players can jump in today (January 4) to complete the event.


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