‘Rust: Console Edition’ gets major Devastation Unleashed update

The update is available now

An update for Rust: Console Edition adds new tech trees, gestures, and 3km maps. The update is available now.

Included in the Devastation Unleashed update for Rust: Console Edition is the new tech tree. This system fundamentally changes the way players progress in Rust. Instead of spending scrap on a random tiered blueprint, players can now choose which blueprints that unlock. The research table will still be available, so players will now have multiple options for progress. However, the update will require a blueprint wipe on all servers.

Rust: Console Edition maps are now bigger. Some weekly and monthly servers will start using 3km map seeds to generate their worlds. With the extra space, players should have more terrain to explore and build bases. This will allow for smaller groups to have an easier time settling a home.


Gestures have been added in the Devastation Unleashed update. Players will be able to express emotes using a radial wheel and selecting an option. This will allow players to better communicate with others without having to use voice comms. The blog post detailing the update says, “If you see someone at a distance try ‘waving’, and see what happens…”

The update also includes quality of life changes for Rust: Console Edition. A separate page details these:

  • Power substations no longer irradiate players.
  • Reduced chainsaws fuel consumption to be in line with the Steam version.
  • Added option to disable blood.
  • Fixed players not being able to attach a flashlight to the Thompson.
  • Fixed more splitting issues.
  • Fixed the inaccurate upkeep timer.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be able to clip through specific objects.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the sky to flicker.

Full details of all the changes are available on the webpage.

In other news, Atari has purchased the online gaming database MobyGames for £1.1million.