‘Rust’ Halloween event will let players trick or treat for guns

A milky way or a machine gun, which would you choose?

Facepunch Studios is putting Rust in the Halloween mood with a seasonal update that includes trick or treating.

In a press release (reported by PCGamesN), Facepunch revealed details of the upcoming Halloween event coming to Rust on October 28. Players will be able to take part in a trick or treat event to gather candy. Every two in-game days a candy hunt will begin and players will have three minutes to collect all of the candy they can find. Once the timer ends, the top three players will get loot bags.

Rust. Credit: Facepunch Studios


Players can open these candy bags to receive “various types of loot ranging from scrap all the way up to an M249”. The M249 is a light machine gun that has a low chance to spawn in certain crates in the world.

There are options for upgrades during the event as well. Players can use a pumpkin bucket to pick up candy quicker, and a scarecrow wrap to find candy easier as well.

Previous updates brought the jack-o-lantern to Rust, but the Halloween event brings in carvable pumpkins that offer far more opportunities for expression The system is so robust that Facepunch is running a carving contest and whoever wins will receive £75 worth of skins and two Rust DLC keys. Details of the contest will go up on the official site when the update is released.

Finally, the update will add Frankensteins. Previously available in the test server, players will now be able to construct their own monstrous companions. Parts can be gathered from scarecrows and mummies, before being combined on a special Frankenstein table. The creature will then come to life to adventure alongside its creator.

In other news, next month’s PlayStation Plus games have been announced. Alongside the usual three, there will also be three PSVR titles available.