‘Rust’ suffers huge EU server loss after French datacentre fire

The servers are slowly coming back up

European Rust players are being warned that their server data may be lost, as a datacentre fire caused irreparable damage.

The OVH Datacentre in Strasbourg, France caught fire in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday (March 10). Servers fell offline immediately, as one of the buildings was totally destroyed while others were damaged.

All staff were safely evacuated and eventually the fire was brought under control, but 25 servers remain lost, with no way to retrieve this data. A from Rust’s developers read: “We’re now exploring replacing the affected servers. Data will be unable to be restored.”


The chairman of OVH, Octave Klaba, shared live updates on his Twitter feed as the fire took place, informing his followers of the total impact and plan for the next few weeks.

Further down the thread he expressed his gratitude to everyone currently working to minimise the damage, tweeting: “Many thanks for all the empathy messages you sent us today! I want to thank the teams who have been working all night/day”

“It’s been the worst day for the last 22y and there is no word strong enough to say how sorry I feel today. We keep working hard to restart SBG1/3/4 asap!”

As reported by Polygon, Rust has regular server wipes each month, which may minimise some of the damage by reducing the total data lost. According to the Rust twitter account, the EU servers are slowly coming back online.


The tweet confirmed that all game progress will be reset.