‘Rust’ video shows potential server transition mechanics

A whole new world!

A video for Rust shows a work-in-progress version of server transitions that allows users to sail to a different server.

Frequent Rust YouTuber Shadowfrax has posted a new video (via PCGamesN) which shows an upcoming feature being tested by Facepunch Studios. The new feature is server transitions which will allow players to move between servers with their characters. To achieve this, players must have a boat ready.

To switch a character to a new Rust server, you will have to get a boat together and sail towards a distant island, as shown in the video. When a player gets close enough, a pop up will appear telling them how much further they will need to travel before arriving at the new server.


The feature is very much a work in progress, and no details have been revealed on when it could come to the game fully. While boats have been shown working for server transitions, other vehicles such as helicopters have not. There are also plans to include a barge that could permit vehicles like cars over to a new server.

It is believed that the feature will have some limitations on carrying capacity. However, during Shadowfrax’s test, they noted that  “It appears that right now there’s no restriction on what you can take with you in your inventory.” In a previous video, Shadowfrax also stated that if server transitions were to come to Rust, they would likely only be between official servers, potentially becoming available in custom servers later on.

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