Ryan Reynolds has to limit how much ‘Fortnite’ he plays

As preparation for 'Free Guy', the actor played various video games but gave himself a limit

Ryan Reynolds’ latest film Free Guy obviously takes inspiration from a bunch of massive multiplayer online games like Fortnite.

In a new interview with the BBC though, Reynolds confirms that while he played a bunch of games to research the script, he had to be careful with how deep he immersed himself in that world.

During the interview, Reynolds speaks about the real world inspirations behind the film, believing “people will recognise elements of Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite,” before being asked about his experiences with playing those games.


“I became as familiar as I possibly could with the subject matter”, says Reynolds who also helped write the script for Free Guy.”

“For the writing part, you had to be literate enough in the gaming world and I would do it enough to get to know it but you also have to recognise the slippery slope.”

“It’s so much fun that I could easily see myself blowing off walking the kids to school and jumping into some Fortnite instead. I had to walk that fine line between research and being a parent and husband.”

The interview also sees director Shawn Levy talk about his experience working on the upcoming Uncharted movie. Levy was set to direct the big screen adaptation of the PlayStation classic but stepped aside in 2018.

“It’s possible to be very creative when you’re doing a video game adaptation but you’re never completely unshackled,” he explains in the interview.


“You’re always beholden to the lore and the expectations of the game. With Free Guy, I got to create an original film and create the rules of the game within the films, which gave me maximum freedom which I wouldn’t have had if I were making a more literal adaptation.”

In other news, Epic Games has snuck out a brand new game mode for Fortnite, with Fortnite Impostors live in the game now.

Some Among Us developers aren’t happy with it though, as it appears to borrow heavily from elements of their game.

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