‘Saints Row’ gameplay footage shows off new location

Gat out of Santa Ileso

New pre-alpha footage of the next Saints Row title has been released showing gameplay focused on the game’s location.

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The footage provided to Game Informer by the developer Deep Silver, shows the player character driving a sand buggy type vehicle named ‘Scorpio’. In the two minute clip we also see different characters walking through the game’s location, Santo Ileso.


This reboot of the series’ first game has retained its original title and is scheduled to release February 25, 2022. Santo Ileso, which is based on the American southwest, differs greatly from the main location of the original which was situated in Stilwater, a city based on Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Baltimore.

In the video we see desert scrub among a skyscraper cityscape, a skate park covered in graffiti, and a downtown red light district. There also appears to be an island-style metropolis like Manhattan on the map, which is shown off here via sweeping panoramas.

We can also see the city and how it and the NPCs who inhabit it vary between day and night. The final view we are treated to is shown from high up. Here we can better see how the city of Santo Ileso is surrounded by desert with large, red rock formations.

Deep Silver has boasted that Saints Row will feature detailed character customisation for the protagonist. As such, the characters we see during this gameplay are likely different models for the player character, known only as ‘The Boss’.


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