Sakurai says Sora reveal in ‘Smash Bros. Ultimate’ was a “fitting end”

The reveals were a lot of work, but "there were always big reactions from fans, so it was worth the effort" says Sakurai

Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai has talked about how the Sora reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a good end to the game’s fighter reveals.

Sakurai made the comment in a Nintendo article published today (March 31), where he took a look back at every fighter reveal for the most recent Super Smash Bros. title.

When talking about Sora’s “The Last Key” reveal video, Sakurai said:


“This is the last fighter to be revealed, so we went back to the beginning and made it a finale. Creating that many fighters in CG would have been a lot of work! Instead, we made the background black and plain, but I think this is the best way. The in-game part also came out really well. I think it’s a fitting end.”

“I’ve mentioned in an interview elsewhere about how I actually wrote two plots, but this is the way we chose to go,” said Sakurai. Since the Kingdom Hearts character was revealed for the series, the announcement video has over 1.3million views.

In the Nintendo article, Sakurai reflected on every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter reveal, both in the base game and as part of downloadable content (DLC).

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Credit: Nintendo

Sakurai added that the Smash Bros. series is a place where the team can “undertake collaborations you can’t see anywhere else,” and said that it was “a lot of work to make the videos while working on the game at the same time, but there were always big reactions from fans, so it was worth the effort.”


On one of the first fighter reveals for the game, Sakurai said he “wanted to make the part where Ridley takes down Mega Man and Mario a bit more intense,” but the team wanted to give the scene more balance.

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