‘Salt and Sacrifice’ developer diary shows off multi-stage bosses

Chase down mages throughout the game

Salt and Sacrifice developers, Ska Studios, released a new dev diary that shows off Mage Hunts, a multi-stage style of boss fight new to the series.

In the sequel to Ska Studios’ critically acclaimed 2D love letter to Dark Souls, there will be a new style of boss and method of boss fight. Bosses are now called mages, and instead of fighting them in one location, these Mage Hunts will take place over multiple parts.

This means that when you complete one phase of the boss fight, the boss will flee and you must find them again to finish them off. Only then will you retrieve the rewards of your hard work.  These Mage Hunts are additional to standard boss fights.


Salt and Sacrifice features a new art style while keeping the same feel as the original, as well as a number of new fighting mechanics while maintaining the real-time RPG combat. Much like the new Mage Hunts, there are some very new parts that have been added.

Salt and Sacrifice introduces weapon and armour crafting. While its predecessor Salt and Sanctuary featured transmutation as a method to add status effects and upgrade weapons, Salt and Sacrifice now allows you to craft who armour or weapon sets from scavenged material.

Salt and Sacrifice also offers co-op gameplay. Using the pale candle you can call other online players into your game. This is not the first time that multiplayer featured in the series, however, in Salt and Sanctuary this was local only, in Salt and Sacrifice it is also online.

In other news, despite its unannounced release last night (November 15), the multiplayer for Halo Infinite is already in the top five most played games on Steam.

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