‘Salt and Sacrifice’ is coming to PS4 and PS5 in 2022

Prepare to die in 2D, with your friends this time

Salt and Sacrifice, from the developers of Salt and Sanctuary, was announced at Summer Game Fest with a release date of 2022.

The game will feature local and online co-op and will be a 2D side scroller similar to the previous game. It features intense combat, and appears to have the choice between swords, magic, and archery.

There will also be a character creator system that allows you to pick traits such as crime, ancestry, and even whiskers. The focus seems to be on ‘hunting mages’, as the character in the trailer says “I live now only to hunt mages.”


The above trailer also features footage from a variety of intense boss fights, wall-jumping, and frantic gameplay.

James Silva from Ska Studios is on the PlayStation blog to talk more about the game’s creative process. In the post, Silva explains more of what players can expect:

“Salt and Sacrifice expands on the world of Salt and Sanctuary by exploring a new era and region, as well as a new role: a Marked Inquisitor. A Marked Inquisitor is a criminal condemned, yet spared the hand of justice in exchange for a lifetime of service in the unending war against Mages: twisted, irredeemable creatures of elemental malice.”

He also mentioned how Salt and Sacrifice would add co-operative gameplay to the series for the first time: “I had been sending screenshots of a new game I had started in 2019 to my friend Shane Lynch, a fellow coder who’d played unwitting victim in a number of my D&D campaigns through the years. “You should add online multiplayer,” he said. “I’ll do it,” he joked (or so I thought). He has a really strong background in network programming. I do not.”


Salt and Sacrifice will release in 2022.

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