‘Salt And Sanctuary’ free on the Epic Games Store

Gamers getting salty for free

Today’s game that’s free on the Epic Games Store, as part of its 15 days of free games, is Ska Studios’ Salt And Sanctuary.

The Epic Games Store will allow its users to download 2D Dark Souls inspired platformer, Salt And Sanctuary, today (December 30) until 4pm. The information on its website gives the following description:

“Explore a haunting, punishing island in this stylised 2D action RPG. Salt And Sanctuary combines fast and brutal 2D combat with richly developed RPG mechanics in a cursed realm of forgotten cities, blood-soaked dungeons, and desecrated monuments.”


First released in 2016, developer Ska Studios has since been working on the sequel, Salt And Sacrifice. While the original leans hard into many of the gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls, such as challenging boss fights, crafting weapons and armour, and losing your salt/souls upon death, the husband and wife team appear to be changing things for the sequel.

Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2022, the new entry to the series will include multi-stage boss battles where players will chase down mages throughout the worlds. In the original, which is free today, bosses always remain in the same area designated by a lit candle at the entrance.

It also includes optional bosses, many of which offer players forms of shortcuts or different types of weapons. There are different elements and weapon types which bosses have weaknesses to. As such, players have to frequently change their set up in order to complete each challenge.

A new game will be announced at 4pm today and will be the last of Epic’s giveaway.


In other news, PlayStation have announced its free games with PS Plus for January, with three new titles including Persona 5 StrikersDecember’s games are available until January 3, with the new set appearing the next day.

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