‘Satisfactory’ update 5 wants players to build prettier factories

Beautiful efficiency in beautiful factories

Coffee Stain Studios is teasing the upcoming release of update 5 for Satisfactory with a new video on cosmetic construction.

The latest video from Coffee Stain details how the upcoming Update 5 will allow players to put more effort into the beauty of their factories. This includes new parts and new ways to build.

The video shared by Coffee Stain is a follow-up to a previous video that toured a fancy-looking new factory. The latest video shows the same factory but with community manager Jace Varlet talking viewers through the upcoming changes.


The most major change is the introduction of soft clearance. This is system changes the way that construction works. Previously players wouldn’t be able to build anything within the same space as another object. Now certain objects, like conveyor belts and walls, will ignore this. Players can build conveyor belts that clip through the middle of a constructor if they wish, leading to extremely space-efficient factories.

However, the system not only allows for efficiency but also for more interesting designs with certain objects having gaps that can now be used to feed a conveyor or pipe through.

Alongside the new system, several new building pieces have been introduced to Satisfactory. So far, the only ones shows have been cosmetic. The video revealed new horizontal construction beams that players can use to add support for suspended conveyor belts. Another new addition is the angled roof and wall tiles that should introduce more variety to the designs player’s come up with. Also shown are new thinner versions of the pillars.

The final new feature shown for Satisfactory’s update 5 is “zooping”. “Zooping” allows players to build certain objects in large amounts by simply dragging their view across an area. Specifically, this can only be used on foundations, ramps, walls, roofs, fences/railing, pillars, and beams.


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