‘Scarlet Nexus’ is now available on Xbox Game Pass

Bandai Namco’s RPG joins the Xbox game service

Action-RPG Scarlet Nexus is now available on Xbox Game Pass following its announcement during the Tokyo Game Show.

Finishing up its presentation with a number of new announcements, Microsoft revealed that Scarlet Nexus will be available on the Game Pass subscription service today (September 30).

“Game Pass truly is the best way to discover and play your next favourite game,” said Xbox corporate vice president Sarah Bond. “And I’m pleased to share that today you can jump in and play the incredible RPG Scarlet Nexus from Bandai Namco with Xbox Game Pass.”


The presentation also featured a Scarlet Nexus trailer which revealed new DLC content is “coming soon”.

The upcoming new DLC will add new Bonding Episodes, Crush Vision and a selection of new outfits.

Back in June, it was claimed that Scarlet Nexus would be getting a day one release on Xbox Game Pass – similar to the release of Square Enix’s Outriders earlier this year. But while the RPG was given a full release in July, it has now made its way to the Xbox Game Pass service, regardless.

Scarlet Nexus follows a group of psionic soldiers from the distant future called The OSF, who battle an army of brain-eating mutants known only as The Others. Released in June 2021, it was also accompanied by an animé series delving into the story of The OSF.

Back before the game was released, Scarlet Nexus received its first demo on Xbox consoles, which was made available to PlayStation players one week later. So it’s no surprise to see a bit of loyalty to the Xbox ecosystem.


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