‘Scars Above’ is a brand new sci-fi game with a focus on exploration

The game looks like 'Returnal' and 'Metroid' rolled into one

A new title from Mad Head Games called Scars Above has received a gameplay reveal at Koch Media‘s E3 livestream.

The 3rd-person sci-fi shooter looks a lot like a cross between games like Metroid Prime and Returnal. Scars Above stars Kate Ward, a mission specialist and astrobiologist with a background in engineering. She’s a part of the SCAR team (Sentient Contact Assessment and Response) in the game.

Game Director Ivan Zorkic at Mad Head Games talked about the setting of the game, saying: “an alien object appears near-earth and a team of astronauts are sent to explore it. However for some reason this results in an event which causes them to be transported to an alien planet.”


Scars Above screenshot
Scars Above. Credit: Mad Head Games

Zorkic also elaborated on Kate Ward’s story, who isn’t a soldier, and how the game taps into her overcoming the fear she feels exploring the alien world.

“We want to show how vulnerable she is, how scared she is, her distress. We want to show this fear and the fact that she’s overcoming this threat.”

Scars Above will also feature weapon crafting mechanics, along with environmental challenges that can be overcome with different weapons and upgrades.

“We don’t want to make it super realistic, but we do want to make it believable. As immersion is really important, we want people to get immersed into this world and start thinking ‘what would I do if I was in this situation?’”


Mad Head Games previously made Pagan Online, and are working with Koch Media under their new Prime Matter label.

The announcement comes along the Koch Media‘s reveal of Dolmen, a sci-fi shooter inspired by ‘hardcore’ games from the souls-like genre.

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