‘Scavengers’ season 0 announced with free battle pass

A new horde mode will also be added

Midwinter Entertainment’s free-to-play survival shooter Scavengers is receiving its first seasonal content by offering players a free battle pass.

Scavengers is a player vs enemy vs player shooter with survival mechanics. It is free to play and, as such, intends to follow a seasonal content model. This begins with season 0, which has been announced to start on July 23.

To encourage players to test out the battle pass, Midwinter will be giving it away for free. All players need to do is log in before August 3. After this, the battle pass will be available to purchase as normal.


Season 0 will last for 45 days, ending on September 6. By progressing the battle pass, players will receive cosmetics and resources to upgrade their characters. Immediately after unlocking the battle pass, players will unlock the Cazador First Frontier weapon skin. Midwinter will add more items to the battle pass as the season progresses.

Scavengers will also receive a new game mode with the season 0 update. PvE Horde has been requested by the community and will allow players to survive against waves of AI enemies. There will be two data uplinks that will need to be defended for as long as possible. Once enough data has been gathered, an extraction device will be deployed to allow the players to escape.

The new extraction device is called the R.A.S.P and will be added to the main expedition mode during season 0. This will offer players a chance to make strategic mid-game extractions.

Scavengers is currently in early access and can be found on Steam or in the Epic Game Store.


For those interested in other free games, Battlefield 1 is now free for PC players with an Amazon Prime account.

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