‘Scorn’ is launching a week earlier than expected

"You've waited long enough," shared developer Ebb Software

Ebb Software has announced that Scorn will be launching a week early, with the upcoming horror game set to release in just a few weeks.

On Thursday (September 29), Ebb Software shared that Scorn will now launch on October 14, rather than the previous release date planned for October 21.

“You’ve waited long enough,” said the studio, which explained that “thanks to additional efforts allowing the team to fine-tune animation, wrapping up bug fixes and optimisations, we’re proud to say that we will be able to release Scorn an entire week early!”


“We can’t wait for you to delve into our bio-mechanical nightmare” added Ebb Software, along with a suitably unsettling new trailer – which you can watch below.

Earlier in the month, we shared our impressions from a hands-on of Scorn.

“Playing Scorn feels like being shrunk down and made to explore the innards of a bloated corpse, one that had been corrupted with metal strata and hardened bones to maintain and profit from its rigor mortis,” described our preview, which added that “to call it ‘fucking gross’ would be an absolute understatement.”

Scorn is not the kind of game you should rush. It’s frankly gorgeous and easily lives up to the visuals of the trailers. It’s also brimming with detail and rewards total immersion […] This is one to clear your schedule for ahead of its October release date, as long as your stomach can bear it.”

The change to Scorn‘s release date will likely come as a surprise to many fans, as this year has been filled with several high-profile delays. Nintendo‘s sequel to Breath Of The Wild was pushed back to 2023 in March, while in May, Bethesda announced that Starfield and Redfall would both be delayed to 2023.


More recently, on Wednesday (September 28) Ubisoft confirmed that Skull & Bones would not be meeting its planned 2022 launch date.