‘Sea Of Stars’ gets announcement trailer at Nintendo Indie World

Sending out the message that Sea Of Stars is happening

Sea Of Stars from the developers of The Messenger, Sabotage Studio, has received its announcement trailer at Nintendo‘s Indie World showcase.

The Kickstarter backed project which received almost £1 million in funding when it launched last year, has now revealed its first trailer and confirmed that the title will be coming to Nintendo Switch. Sea Of Stars is a turn-based RPG based on 90’s classics from the genre.


While it was previously mentioned in the Kickstarter, it was further confirmed that composer Yasunori Mitsuda will be creating a number of songs on the soundtrack. He is most well known for his work on Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger and the Xenoblade series. He will complete the soundtrack alongside Eric W. Brown (known as Rainbowdragoneyes) who also worked on The Messenger soundtrack.

The release date for Sea Of Stars is still a long way off yet, with the date currently set around winter 2022. While Sabotage Studio said the game will come to PC and consoles, it is currently only confirmed for Steam and Nintendo Switch. However, Nintendo did not mention in the showcase that it would be an exclusive title as it did with others.

Despite a large difference in the style of gameplay between the two games Sea Of Stars is further confirmed to be a prequel to The Messenger, though it also stated that players will not have to know the story of The Messenger to enjoy the new game. However, there could be hidden story elements for fans of the previous title.

In other news, 19 titles were revealed at today’s (December 15) Nintendo Indie World showcase, and four of them will be available for players to purchase and download now, with further demos and pre-orders also becoming available.

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