‘Sea Of Thieves’ 2022 roadmap starts with solo-friendly forts

An ocean of content coming this year

Rare has released a roadmap for the next year of Sea Of Thieves content, which will introduce new adventures and mysteries.

In a video preview event today (January 28), Rare revealed the upcoming content heading to Sea Of Thieves. The first season of 2022 starts in March and will include Sea Forts, Mysteries, and Adventures.

Sea Forts are six new locations that will be added to the map. These will offer solo players opportunities to complete raids which are connected to the main storyline of Sea of Thieves.


Three adventures will be added in the update. These are narrative-focused live events, with one being released every month. Each season will also include a major Adventure that will progress the main storyline forward. The outcome of these Adventures will also allow Sea Of Thieves players to influence the result of the narrative.

Mysteries will be a combination of in and out-of-game storytelling. They will combine side quests and ARG elements, and players will be able to piece together cues to uncover the whole story.

In the video, executive producer Joe Neate said: “Mysteries are also something that we’re super excited about. These are going to be stories that players are going to have to work together to uncover, and this will happen in-game and out-of-game in terms of clues being released, and they will evolve over a longer time period than a typical Adventure will.”

Each upcoming season will also include a fresh plunder pass that will allow Sea Of Thieves players to unlock items as they progress.


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