‘Sea Of Thieves’ new ‘Borderlands’ crossover event has started

Loot, shoot, blow things up, and get rewarded

Sea Of Thieves has a new collaboration event underway, this time with sci-fi shooter Borderlands.

The Making Mayhem Event began last night (August 24) and tasks players with causing trouble on the high seas to earn Favour.

The main reward of the event is unlocking the Mayhem ship set inspired by Borderlands, in very bright yellow and red colours, while a figure of Claptrap is also on the front of the ship’s bow.


To be within a chance of unlocking this gaudy vessel, Sea Of Thieves players can engage in to build Favour with the Bilge Rats, categorised as Minor Mayhem Challenges or Major Mayhem Challenges.

Just like it sounds, Minor Mayhem Challenges are bite-sized tasks, such as blasting a shark with a Gunpowder Barrel or torching skeletons with a Firebomb. Major Mayhem Challenges are more more challenging but also more lucrative, such as looting all the gold piles in a Treasure Vault or tearing through a Tall Tale.

Making Mayhem is a time-limited event, so players have until September 7 to claim all the pieces of the Borderlands ship set.

Sea Of Thieves has seen an increased popularity in 2021 following the release of free Pirates Of The Carribbean-themed expansion ‘A Pirate’s Life’, which saw the game topping the Steam charts.


Elsewhere, Microsoft started Gamescom with an Xbox showcase yesterday (August 24), where it was announced that critically acclaimed PC title Crusaders Kings III is coming to Xbox as a Game Pass title from launch, while Forza Horizon 5 showed off its cover cars and a limited edition controller.

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite was absent from the showcase. It was previously confirmed by the developer that both campaign co-op and the creative forge mode would not be available at launch.