‘Sea Of Thieves’ Season Five content update has been announced

Get your own Mutinous Mutt

Sea Of Thieves Season Five releases on December 2, and Rare has released a trailer detailing the new features including over 100 new levels of rewards.

Players of Sea Of Thieves will receive a huge content update next month when Season Five releases. The update includes new features, rewards and quality of life improvements. Players will now be able to do a number of new interactions including burying treasure for others to find, sitting with other players and even sleeping to restore health.

A number of other changes have also been implemented. Players will now be able to turn around the speaking trumpet to whisper to players close to them, as well as project their voices. There is also a new form of rowboat with a large cannon attached to the front. New clothing and items themed around the festive period will also be available.


Completing the commendations in Season Five will earn you the eye-popping party ship set, as well as clothing and weapons centred on the theme. An additional pass called the Plunder Pass will also be available to purchase including an Aurora Borealis themed ship set. There will also be a number of in-game purchases available surrounding Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, including a Mutinous Mutt companion.

The update also includes a large number of new emotes including the Festive Tree emote, and three new ballads to play. Quality of life changes improve enemies dropping ammo upon defeat, new markers on meg and kraken loot and a quicker and easier system for transferring items between storage crates.

In other news, fans of the Mother series have been working on a completely unofficial sequel to the franchise, and have now released a reveal trailer to their new game Mother 4.

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