‘Sea Of Thieves’ Season Four trailer reveals it’s sailing into port next week

Explore underwater ruins when the new season launches

Sea Of Thieves Season Four will officially release on September 23, according to developer Rare

The official trailer can be viewed below, and it shows off an underwater ruin that seems to be where a lot of the update will be focused.


There definitely looks to be plenty of new types of loot and chests as well, as one shot from the trailer features treasure chests glowing with what appears to be underwater wear and tear. One player in the trailer even has a golden crocodile hat, and some new ship cosmetics can be seen as well.

Going underwater for season four does make a lot of sense, as the Pirates Of The Caribbean crossover event A Pirate’s Life involved quests that saw players exploring the ocean depths, and it even introduced an air bubble mechanic as well.

One eagle-eyed Twitter user said they wonder “if the new voyages will be discovered through bottles rather than purchase from trading companies,” as the start of the trailer shows off an NPC standing next to a new bottle design.

If you fancy potentially seeing upcoming Sea Of Thieves content in advance you can sign up for the Insider Programme. It offers pre-release builds of upcoming content, extra in-game rewards, and an opportunity to give feedback on the official forums.

However, signing up for the Insider Programme means you’ll also sign an NDA agreement, so you can’t share any of these details online.


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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake will feature 30 unique outfits and seven levels for Spongebob and Patrick to explore, as they travel through portals to different ‘Wishworlds’.