‘Second Extinction’ adds horde mode in biggest update yet

Shoot all the dinosaurs

Dinosaur co-op shooter Second Extinction has gained its biggest update yet today (September 30), offering full crossplay and a new horde mode.

For the uninitiated, Second Extinction has dinosaurs reclaiming the world, thereby forcing humanity to hide away in orbital stations before returning to the surface occasionally to complete missions and fend off dinosaurs.

Still in early access on Steam, the new Pre-Season 6 update aims to shake things up significantly. Available from today, it adds an Emergency Landing: Horde Mode with players stuck on the surface with nothing but a pistol and their wits. Taking out waves of dinosaurs leads to credits that can be used to purchase new and better equipment, with a spot on the leaderboard also up for grabs.


Developer, Systemic Reaction, has released a video below to highlight what’s involved.

The Pre-Season 6 update also adds a new character called Sunetra, a researcher and support character. Able to reduce incoming damage for squadmates, Sunetra can also deploy pheromones that cause nearby dinosaurs to turn on each other. The introduction of the character brings the total number of playable characters up to six.

There is also now full crossplay support between Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC users (via Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store) as well as full in-game voice chat and matchmaking lobbies.

Other additions include tweaks such as fallen enemies now dropping unique augments that grant characters extra abilities and customisation options. There is also a new wardrobe option that lets players check every item in the game without having to unlock them all first.

The Second Extinction Pre-Season 6 update is available to download now.


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