SEGA considering investing $1billion in game development

A billion-dollar Sonic game? Probably not

SEGA is considering investing nearly $1billion in game development over the next few years.

In the company’s annual report (as spotted by VGC), the Japanese publisher’s parent company SEGASammy has said that it would consider investing almost $1billion over the next 5 years into what it calls its “super game” ambitions.

The Japanese publisher has also said that the investment could be spent on not only its internal development but also on potential acquisitions.


“The way people interact with games is becoming more diverse and the ecosystem is growing exponentially,” it said in the report. It continued: “In this context, SEGA wants to go beyond the boundaries of conventional games and take on the challenge of creating super games that excite the gaming community, which is a web of diverse relationships.”

President and COO Yukio Sugino used Atlus, the developer of the acclaimed Persona series as an example of a studio that SEGA has acquired and has seen huge success.

“I think back to when we acquired and consolidated Atlus,” he said. “This brought us two major benefits. One was the highly appealing, world-class IPs Atlus had developed in the role-playing game genre. The other was the solid localization capabilities of the U.S.-based site.

The report also acknowledged SEGA’s ability to provide high-quality localizations of franchises like Yakuza and Hatsune Miku.

“The outcome of this is clearly evident in the rising Metacritic scores, which in turn is leading to growing sales in overseas markets. These kinds of acquisitions that enhance our functionality will definitely be a major strength in the long run, and we will continue to proactively explore investments from this point of view.”


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