Sega establishes new Sapporo studio due to “demand for game content”

This is Sega’s second game development location

An announcement from Sega has revealed that the game developer has opened a new studio in the city of Sapporo, which is located in Hokkaido, Japan.

This comes from the Sega Corporation’s website today (January 11), which says that the new studio was established on December 1 of last year. The studio will see developers making game software and doing debugging work as well.

“Due to the rapid progress of digital transformation (DX) in recent years,” reads a translation of the announcement, “various barriers such as devices, platforms, countries and regions are being removed in the game industry, and due to the diversification of game usage scenes and the accompanying increase in users.


Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Frontiers. Credit: Sega

“The game market continues to expand globally. As the market expands, the demand for game content is also increasing, and there is an urgent need for software manufacturers to strengthen their development system,” the post continues.

Sapporo Studio will be led by Takaya Segawa, who said in a statement on the studio’s own website that “under the policy of continuing to take on the challenge of creating even more innovative content and providing a new and inspiring experience to the world, we will utilise the know-how that Sega has accumulated over its long history to move from the attractive city of Sapporo. We will participate in the development of entertainment that Sega sends to the world.”

A job listing page on the website reveals that the studio is looking to hire roles like 3D character modeller, 3D background modeller, 3D motion designer and different client programmers as well.

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