Sega’s “Super Game” appears to be several AAA titles that may add NFTs

Sega is looking at "titles that go beyond the traditional framework of games"

Sega has revealed further details about several interconnected games currently under the title of “Super Game”.

Last year, Sega revealed that it was working on a project called “Super Game”. Now details have been shared that suggest what form this could take. It appears that several games will fall under the “Super Game” banner and could all share connected features.

The details were revealed on Sega Japan’s recruitment website, reported and translated by VGC. Executive vice president Shuji Utsumi said: “Several titles are being developed within the framework of Super Game, and while each title will vary, there is no doubt that they will be interactive titles that go beyond the traditional framework of games.”


Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Frontiers. Credit: Sega

Utsumi continued: “For example, in the past, people who played games were called gamers, but now watching games has become a culture in itself, and such people could no longer be called gamers. I think there is great potential in the relationship between people who play and watch games. We are thinking of creating new entertainment within these possibilities.”

Sega recently announced Sega NFT, and it is possible that this technology could be used in the upcoming “Super Game” titles.

Producer Masayoshi Kikuchi explained in the same transcribed interview that “gaming has a history of expansion through the connection of various cultures and technologies. For example, social networking and game video viewing are recent examples. It is a natural extension for the future of gaming that it will expand to involve new areas such as cloud gaming and NFT. We are also developing Super Game from the perspective of how far different games can be connected to each other.”

In other news, later this month Rimworld will be reviewed by the Australian Classification Review Board to potentially change its status from “refused classification”, which may see the title become available in the country.