‘Seinfeld’ horror game ‘Sinfeld Remastered’ drops trailer and is coming to PS5

“When [Kojima] made P.T., my first thought was, ‘Oh, this would be perfect for Seinfeld.’"

Seinfeld horror game created in PS4’s Dreams, Sinfeld Chronicles, is coming to PS5 with a new name: Sinfeld Remastered.

The game, originally created in Dreams, allowed players to walk through familiar Seinfeld territory. Jerry’s apartment was fully explorable, as was Kramer’s alongside several other locations, but the new Sinfeld Remastered has considerably increased the game’s content.


Your protagonist, Donathan, is able to explore what seems to be an entire city – lit by neon lights and filled with skeletons. The trailer shows the character in an Akira pastiche jacket, turning around to reveal the face of a baby.

The classic Seinfeld apartments are still fully rendered, and the mechanics shown in the trailer appear to include fighting monsters, squaring up to the Grim Reaper, attacking helicopters, exploring a post-apocalyptic city and wielding a strange power that resembles glowing dust but appears to be the Spirit of Festivus.

The trailer revealed crossovers and references to many franchises and classic IPs including Metal Gear Solid, Spider-Man, Frogger, and Resident Evil. According to developers Rare Bird Games’ official synopsis for the game, Sinfeld Remastered invites you to “Join Donathan as he survives the streets after his newly adoptive father abandons him at about 3am in the Big Apple. He finds himself trapped in an endless loop of nightmares as he fights to find a bed to sleep in.”

Rare Bird Games is a studio created by two brothers, Austin and Colton Stock. In an interview with Esquire, they claimed the idea was mainly inspired by P.T. creator Hideo Kojima. “When [Kojima] made P.T., my first thought was, ‘Oh, this would be perfect for Seinfeld.’ There’s an apartment, there’s a hallway, it’s an entire playground,” explained Austin.


The PS4 title Dreams allowed players to create their own games, movies and images with an assortment of easy to pick up, but hard to master tools. Since its release, the game has encouraged players to recreate many classic games and movies, with Halo Infinite being one of the most recent titles to receive the treatment.