‘Sekiro’ speedrunner takes just two hours to complete the game blindfolded

Raising £133,463 for charity in the process

During Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) a speedrunner has completed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice whilst blindfolded, reaching the end credits in only two hours.

The impressive run was accomplished yesterday (January 16) by speedrunner Mr. Game. According to host Shout, Mr. Game is one of only three people in the world to complete Sekiro blindfolded.

While completing Sekiro blindfolded with any overall time would be impressive enough, what makes this run even more admirable is the fact that Mr. Game gets through the game in just two hours and 35 seconds.


As Mr. Game is blindfolded, everything he does over the course of those two hours is managed via audio cues and muscle memory alone. Although it might go without saying, the level of preparation this requires is significant: there are hundreds of audio cues in Sekiro, and as it’s a FromSoftware game, the slightest misjudgement in these cues can result in a quick death. Shout adds that Sekiro is a “surprisingly blindfold-friendly game to run” and explains that moving through the game blindfolded involves a lot of “bouncing from wall to wall”.

You can watch Mr. Game’s Sekiro speedrun below, courtesy of AGDQ.

It’s well worth watching, although any Sekiro fans will likely be put to shame by the way that Mr. Game grapples, parries and sprints his way through the game blindfolded.

What’s even better is that there’s a great cause behind Mr. Game’s Sekiro speedrun, as AGDQ raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. While the Sekiro started off with £1,741million in donations already raised prior to the run, it finished with a total of £1,875million raised: meaning that Mr. Game’s blindfolded Sekiro run earned an incredible £133,463 for charity.

This week’s AGDQ has been a milestone event for Games Done Quick, as the event raised its highest all-time record in charity donations.


In other news, God Of War is already Sony’s highest-rated game on Steam, following a successful port.


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