‘Sensible Soccer’ spiritual successor ‘Sociable Soccer’ is out next year

The game should delight retro fans

Sociable Soccer, a new game from the creator of Sensible Soccer, is making its way to PC, and consoles after a successful launch on Apple Arcade.

As reported by VGC, Sensible Soccer creator Jon Hare, has been hard at work on a spiritual successor to his classic football game, and a publishing deal with Kiss Publishing has led to the game being announced for numerous platforms.

Currently only available via Apple Arcade, the game will launch on April 17 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.


The game is designed to offer simple and fast-paced gameplay – much like ’90s classic Sensible Soccer – while offering some modern flourishes too.

As VGC explained, the development has been quite rocky over the years with Hare beginning work on it in 2008. In the interview, he explained that “we’d done the Sensible Soccer update in 2006, so I had some ideas about a football game, and I wanted to base it around the concept that, as football supporters, we all actually know which clan we gravitate to in the football world.”

It wasn’t until 2015 that he teamed up with the development team, Combo Breaker, before undertaking an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. “We realised after a week that we simply weren’t going to reach the target. So, we just pulled the Kickstarter, but decided to keep on developing,” explained Hare.

From there, a deal with US publisher Rogue led to the game making its debut on Apple Arcade which led to the opportunity for it to be released for other formats.

“Obviously graphically, we can push things further, and also there is a whole bunch of features we want to put into the game, which we can now launch with on the PC/console side,” he told VGC.

Hare hopes it will be the “full vision” of everything the team has set out to do. Features will include an upgraded animation engine, improvements to game mechanics, ball mechanics, and the camera too. There will also be tweaks to the clan-clash system which unlocks when you reach level 10 in the game.


Football fans waiting for Sociable Soccer can also entertain themselves with the worldwide launch of Konami’s free-to-play effort, eFootball 2022, which is released on September 30. The game formerly known as PES 2022 promises a wealth of changes to the Pro Evolution Soccer format although some of these additions won’t be seen at launch with new content coming later.