Shigeru Miyamoto wants the next 3D Mario to expand in “new ways”

Do the Mario!

Shigeru Miyamoto has answered questions about what’s next for 3D Mario following Super Mario Odyssey, and it looks like Nintendo are thinking big.

After a six months financial results meeting (spotted by VGC), questions were floated to Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa and Shigeru Miyamoto, where Miyamoto was asked about his thoughts on the differences between 3D Mario and the 2D side-scrolling titles.

When referring to Super Mario Bros. Wii from 2009, he said: “At the time, it felt like each time we created a new instalment in the Super Mario series — which by then had expanded into 3D — it became more complicated.”


Nintendo Mario
Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Credit: Nintendo

“After the release of Super Mario Galaxy in 2007,” Miyamoto continued”, the goal was to develop a more accessible 3D Super Mario game, and the result was New Super Mario Bros. Wii, a basic side-scrolling Super Mario game that even new players could easily play.

“That later led to the release of the even simpler Super Mario Run game (a mobile application released in 2016.) When we develop software, we strive to incorporate new elements, but at the same time we want to make it easy for even first- time players to have fun.”

“Recently, people of all generations have been enjoying the 3D Mario game Super Mario Odyssey (released in 2017,) so for 3D Mario going forward, we want to try expanding further in new ways,” Miyamoto concluded.

When asked about the Nintendo Switch’s successor, Furukawa said that whilst Nintendo recognises the console is currently in the middle of its life cycle, the studio is still “considering many different things.”


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