Shroud says ‘Escape From Tarkov’ should make Rogues less lethal

Shroud says Rogues should be less likely to one-shot players

Twitch streamer Shroud has said that hardcore shooter Escape From Tarkov should make its newest enemies – the Rogues on Lighthouse – easier, after players report them being a little too accurate.

During a stream on January 10 (thanks, Dexerto) Shroud suggested that the NPC Rogues that were added with Lighthouse in patch 12.12 should be a little bit less accurate, noting their tendency to automatically fire at a player’s least-protected part of the body.

“I wish they were programmed a little bit better – the way that Rogues are scripted are a little weird,” said Shroud before explaining that Rogues “go for the most vulnerable point of your body” even if you’re wearing high-tier armour. Shroud added that if “you’re wearing a helmet with no visor, no face shield, they’re going to go for your eyes and one-shot you”.


After laying out his perceived issues with Rogues, Shroud then said what he’d like to see from Rogue behaviour on Lighthouse:

“They should know what gear you have and shoot you and pressure you hard. You’re wearing tier five, tier six armour? They should just shoot the fuck out of it, they should tear that thing apart. And if you stay there for so long, and your armour’s zero, then yeah you’re gonna die – but they shouldn’t just go oh, you have no goggles, no visor? You’re dead.”

Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Rogues are a recent addition to Escape From Tarkov, and they act as dangerous guards to the Water Treatment Plant on Lighthouse. As well as being equipped with high-tier weapons and armour, the Rogues also have access to mounted .50 calibre machine guns that will quickly kill players.

Although their valuable equipment makes sense, Shroud isn’t the only one having issues with their accuracy. Since Rogues were added in December, players have been reporting Rogues landing headshots at several hundred meters and even firing at players through concrete walls.

Battlestate Games has been known to tweak Scav AI and accuracy over the course of Escape From Tarkov, so it’s possible that Rogues may be tuned down in the future.


In other news, Battlestate Games has shared some impressive Escape From Tarkov stats gathered over the New Year and Twitch drops events.

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