Shroud says weapon bloom in ‘Battlefield 2042’ “rewards worse players”

"I just don't agree with making better players worse, it's weird"

Twitch streamer Shroud has discussed the addition of weapon bloom in Battlefield 2042, saying the feature “doesn’t feel very good” and adding that it “rewards worse players”.

Speaking on stream (thanks, Dexerto), Shroud has addressed weapon bloom in Battlefield 2042. The feature – which adds uncontrollable weapon spread to make weapons less accurate – has proved controversial in EA‘s latest title.

After one fan said “I’d rather have bloom than some nerd lasering me from across the map”, Shroud explained that’s “exactly why they did it [added bloom]. So that people like you could have a fair chance.”


“I get it – it makes sense. It just doesn’t feel very good. It rewards worse players, which is kind of weird. I just don’t agree with it.”

battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA

“They don’t have to change it, they can leave it and I’ll still play it – it’s fine. I just don’t agree with making better players worse, it’s weird,” continued Shroud.

Battlefield 2042 is not the only shooter to bring back weapon bloom. Last week, it was revealed that Call Of Duty: Vanguard had also brought back weapon bloom. In Vanguard, a weapon’s bloom can be decreased by using attachments to improve the accuracy statistic.

Earlier in the month, Shroud also said that New World players could be waiting “years” for mounts to be added to the MMO. Pointing out that the game seems to be “[built] for travel on foot and teleportation”, Shroud said it would be “a couple of years in” to add them in.


In other news, Amazon Game Studios has said that a minimap for New World is not a “high priority” right now. That being said, the developer has clarified that players will not be punished for installing and using third-party minimap mods, which some players already use.