Shroud thinks ‘New World’ players could be waiting “years” for mounts

"MMOs always start in one way, and then they do a huge overhaul, and it turns into something else"

The popular Twitch streamer Shroud thinks that players will be waiting “years” for mounts to come to the massively multiplayer online game, New World.

As of right now, Amazon Game StudiosNew World doesn’t have any way of using mounts in the game. The only way of traversing the open world is to either walk, run, or teleport, leading to many players hoping for a mount feature in a future update.

However, the popular streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has warned that players will most likely be waiting a while for that to happen (as spotted by Dexerto). During his latest Twitch stream, Shroud was talking to his viewers about the possibility of mounts coming to the game, saying that the game is “built for travel on foot and teleportation.”


“They might [add mounts] eventually when they change the game a lot,” he said. “You know how every MMO goes through that phase where it drastically changes the way it’s played? It happens every time.”

“MMOs always start in one way, and then they do a huge overhaul, and it turns into something else,” Shroud continued. “Once that happens with this game, maybe a couple of years in, that’s when you can see mounts. But it’s going to take years.”

New World is currently the only popular MMO’s to not have mounts, as opposed to World Of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. It’s certainly a possibility that a future update for the Amazon Games Studios title could include a new mount feature.

It was recently revealed that New World has lost 500,000 players within its first month. Based on SteamCharts figures, it looks like the game had an all-time peak of 913,027 when it first launched, but it’s been losing around 135,000 players every week since then.


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